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3 Resources for Grassroots Hockey

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Here are three great resources for those involved in grassroots hockey:

  1. USA Hockey: 6U, 8U, & 10U Practice Plans and Program Information
  2. Hockey Canada: 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, Midget, & Goalie Practice Plans, Drills, and Program Information
  3. M2 Hockey’s Beginner Station Manual

Enjoy the resources!


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Checking Clinic Practice Plan

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Harry Guittard was kind enough to share a practice plan he used for a body checking clinic recently.  Much of the content is based off of Hockey Canada’s recommendations, but it’s great to see how different coaches put this content together and present it.  Click one of the the links below to download the entire practice plan.

PDF Version | MS Word Version

Thanks for sharing Harry!



February / March 2010 Practice Plans

Well, now that the season has come to a close, this is the final posting for my full-season of practice plans. I hope you’ve enjoyed the entries and have found some value in them.  If you have questions about any of the practices, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

02/01/10 – Dryland Practice Plan
02/01/10 – Practice Plan
02/09/10 – Practice Plan
02/11/10 – Practice Plan
02/16/10 – Dryland Practice Plan
02/16/10 – Practice Plan
02/18/10 – Practice Plan
02/23/10 – Dryland Practice Plan
02/23/10 – Practice Plan
02/25/10 – Practice Plan
02/27/10 – Dryland Practice Plan
02/27/10 – Puckmasters Practice Plan (Defensemen)
02/27/10 – Puckmasters Practice Plan (Forwards & Goalies)
02/28/10 – Puckmasters Practice Plan (All Players)
03/02/10 – Practice Plan
03/04/10 – Practice Plan



January 2010 Practice Plans

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Here are my practice plans for January 2009.

Practice Plan for 01/06/10
Practice Plan for 01/09/10
Practice Plan for 01/11/10
Dryland Plan for 01/12/10
Practice Plan for 01/12/10
Practice Plan for 01/14/10
Practice Plan for 01/17/10
Dryland Plan for 01/19/10
Practice Plan for 01/19/10
Dryland Plan for 01/21/10
Practice Plan for 01/21/10
Dryland Plan for 01/26/10
Practice Plan for 01/26/10
Practice Plan for 01/27/10
Practice Plan for 01/28/10



December 2009 Practice Plans

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Here are my practice plans for December, 2009.

Practice Plan for 12/02/09
Dryland Plan for 12/03/09
Practice Plan for 12/03/09
Dryland Plan for 12/10/09
Practcie Plan for 12/10/09
Practice Plan for 12/14/09
Practice Plan for 12/15/09
Practice Plan for 12/17/09
Practice Plan for 12/22/09
Dryland Plan for 12/23/09
Practice Plan for 12/23/09
Practice Plan for 12/29/09
Practice Plan for 12/30/09



October 2009 Practice Plans

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: Practice Plans

Here are the PDF downloadable practice plans for all my practices in October, 2009.

Practice Plan for 10/01/09
Practice Plan for 10/06/09
Dryland Plan for 10/06/09
Practice Plan for 10/07/09
Practice Plan for 10/08/09
Practice Plan for 10/13/09
Dryland Plan for 10/13/09
Practice Plan for 10/15/09
Practice Plan for 10/20/09
Practice Plan for 10/21/09
Practice Plan for 10/22/09
Practice Plan for 10/27/09
Practice Plan for 10/29/09
Dryland Plan for 10/29/09



September 2009 Practice Plans

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: Practice Plans
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Here are all my tune-up, tryout, and practice plans for September,

Tune-Up Practice Plan for 09/08/09
Tune-Up Practice Plan for 09/10/09
Tune-Up Practice Plan for 09/12/09
Tune-Up Practice Plan for 09/14/09
Tune-Up Practice Plan for 09/15/09
Tryout Practice Plan for 09/16/09
Tryout Practice Plan for 09/17/09
Tryout Practice Plan for 09/19/09
Practice Plan for 09/22/09
Practice Plan for 09/23/09
Practice Plan for 09/24/09
Practice Plan for 09/29/09
Dryland Plan for 09/29/09



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