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M2 Hockey, most widely known for online hockey training videos and high-performance hockey camps, was founded in early 2009 by Jason Myers and Kevin Muller. Myers and Muller teamed up to offer a unique training environment conducive to developing elite athletes both on and off ice. Taking their years of training/coaching experience and applying their passion for the game, M2 Hockey quickly became well-known name in elite hockey training.

Training Programs

M2 Footwork Program


$22.95 $14.95


This program is designed to increase your foot speed and explosiveness. These two assets are essential to every hockey player. Hockey is a game of inches and seconds, so if you're looking to become a better player, you've got to be able to get to the puck faster.

These workouts will get you ready for the season giving you the speed, agility, balanceand quickness prior to hitting the ice. Utilizing this program will get you ahead of the competition.

The M2 Footwork program is a 38 page e-book and will be available for immediate download after your purchase.

M2 Footwork Includes:

  • 2 unique and challenging workouts
  • 20 unique exercises plus variations and tips
  • Photo / diagram of exercises
  • Detailed explanation of exercises
    • 1 extra unique workout w/ 10 additional exercises!!!

» Download Sample of M2 Footwork Program



M2-12 (Peewee Program)


$25.95 $15.95


The M2-12 program is designed for the younger hockey player to start exercising in a safe manner with the intent to progress physically and prepare for the upcoming season. Also, looking at overall body exercises and stretches to combat overuse injuries from single sport athletes, which is becoming more and more common today. The M2-12 package is designed for players who are ages 12 - 14. Coaches, this is a great tool to use with your team and have some fun as well as great results in strength, endurance, flexibility and not to mention team building!

The M2-12 Program package is 70 pages and includes the following: (All files in PDF Format)

  • 4 Unique Workout E-Books
  • M2 Quick Stretch E-Book
  • M212 Introduction and Guide
  • Exercise Demonstration Photos and Descriptions
  • Sample Training Calendar

» Download Sample of M2-12 Program



M2 Pre-Season - 4 Part Hockey Workout

Knee Tuck

$29.95 $19.95


The M2 Pre-Season workout is a great routine to get you in shape quickly and ready to perform in the hockey season. If you need to get in shape quickly, this program is for you. The M2 Pre-Season 4-part workout is designed to get you ready by focusing on explosive movements and essential strength exercises without using much equipment. All the exercises in this program can be completed with nothing more than a resistance band! For stronger athletes, we do recommend a pull-up bar and stability ball.

The M2 Pre-Season workout is 89 Pages. All workouts are delivered in PDF Format and include the following:

  • Program Overview
  • Exercise List & Recommended Rep Count
  • Workout Log
  • Detailed Exercise Photos and Descriptions
  • Workout Calendar
  • Dynamic Warmup Recommendations
  • FREE Copy of M2 Quick-Stretch Program

» Download Sample of M2 Pre-Season Program



M2 Quick Stretch

Quick Stretch

$9.95 $4.95


M2 Quick Stretch is designed to give athletes an easy to follow yet comprehensive stretching routine. Most athletes spend a large amount of time dedicated to training their body, yet neglect to properly take care of their muscles with a proper stretching regimen. Quick Stretch takes only approximately 10 minutes to complete, but will give athletes a good stretch from head to toe.

Why should all hockey players participate in a stretching program? Stretching has been proven to have the following benefits:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Enhanced muscular coordination
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Increased engergy levels
  • Improves range of motion of your joints
  • Releives stress

The M2 Quick Stretch program is 21 pages.

» Download Sample of M2 Quick Stretch Program



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Workout Calendar for M2-12 & M2 Pre-Season Workouts:

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