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Toronto Colts U21 AAA 2013/14 Logo

Team Roster

Position Shoots Height Weight DOB
44 Abela, Kyle Forward R 6' 0 195 lbs 93
59 Aguiar, Austin Defence L 5' 9 170 lbs 95
18 Anderson, Curtis Defense L 5'10 160 lbs 93
9 Bowering, Chris Forward R 5' 9 170 lbs 94
21 Brown, Aaron Defense L 6' 0 185 lbs 95
27 Cecen, Brana Forward R 5' 9 150 lbs 95
10 Clarke, Darnell (A) Forward L 6' 2 180 lbs 95
95 Couvreur, Jamie Forward R 5' 11 160 lbs 95
34 D'Alimonte, C.J. Goalie R 6' 0 210 lbs 95
4 Downward, Brandon Forward L 6' 0 165 lbs 95
37 Green, Anthony Goalie L 5' 11 165 lbs 93
91 Hamm, Brian Forward R 6'0 180 lbs 95
15 Isgro, Drake Defense L 5' 7 150 lbs 94
25 Leitner, Tom Forward L 5' 11 155 lbs 94
16 Marco, Justin For./Def. L 5' 10 170 lbs 95
51 McClyment, Connor (A) Defense L 6' 0 165 lbs 95
0 McIntosh, Matt Defence L 96
26 Piorkowski, Konrad Forward L 5'8 180 lbs 95
77 Pitawanakwat, Travis Defense R 6'1 218 lbs 96
5 Samonas, Marc Defense R 5' 8 150 lbs 96
94 Schollig, Stephan (A) Forward L 6' 4 190 lbs 94
1 Schooley, Eric Goalie L 6' 0" 155 lbs 96
7 Suddick, Carl Forward L 5' 9 180 lbs. 93
13 Turley, Ryan (C) Forward R 6 ' 0 170 lbs 94
12 Williams, Steven Forward L 5'10" 177 lbs 93


Team Captains Selected - 10/28/13

Team Captains Selected - 10/28/13

It has taken some time, but this is not a decision we take lightly

This year our Captain will be Ryan Turley.

Ryan is currently in his second year with our team, and was an Assistant last year. His exemplary leadership and play have continued into this season. Ryan is a very positive force in our dressing room as well as on the bench. I don't think I have ever heard a negative word coming out of him. Clearly watching Ryan play, he is a performance leader and a big reason we are doing so well this year.

Our First Alternate Captain is a third year player, who was an Alternate Captain last year. Stephan Schollig.

Stephan is now in the third season with our team, always positive and engaging, he has been a tremendous force on our team since we first met him. If you need a player to get the puck out of your end, Stephan is most likely the person to go to. he is a big presence on and off the ice. We are very lucky to have Stephan on our team.

Our next Alternate Captain is a second year player, Connor McClyment.

Connor has been a game changer for us on defense. Connor is a very smooth, skilled hockey player who joined the Colts on the trail of his brother Alex who was last years Captain. Clearly leadership runs in this family. Quiet in the dressing room, Connor leads by example, once he gets on the ice there is nothing quiet about his level of play and it would be hard to watch a Colts game without noticing Connor.

Last but certainly not least is another second year player Darnell Clarke.

Much like all of our captains this year, Darnell is a force to be reckoned with on the ice. A fast, powerful winger who has the ability to get you the big goals. Darnell is often seen in the corners, winning a battle, doing the dirty work and getting the puck out to his line mates. there is no doubt that opponents pay very close attention to Darnell when he is on the ice. Darnell is a force on our team, always exciting to watch and probably gets more breakaways than anyone.


I hope you will all join me in congratulating this year’s team Captains.

Leadership comes in many forms, sometimes it is out rightly overt and at others it is quiet and decisive. I think that in these four young men we have good examples of all of these styles. looking at game sheets, they have all been at every game this season ( except for suspensions), their collective play has been a big factor in how far along our team has come. Leading by example is certainly the hallmark of all four captains this year.

It's cliché to say that there are other deserving players on our team, but there are. This is never an easy choice, we are blessed with lots of talent, hard work and dedication.

I think our program is really reaching new heights, let's continue to stay positive and look to the remainder of what is shaping up to be a great season.

Humberview Huskies Tournament - 10/07/13

Hi Everyone


Just a reminder we have the Huskies Tournament coming up

Starts Friday Oct. 18 at 2:45PM  vs. the East Enders at Westwood Arena.

Friday we also play at 8:45 pm vs. Huskies

Sat. games are : 11:45 AM vs. Ajax and 4:45 PM vs. Ice Warriors

Then Finals on Sunday at 4:45.

3 new practices added - 09/05/13

In order to fill in our schedule we have added three more practices, please take note


Regular Season Practice Tue 09/17/13 8:15pm 60 mins Malvern Arena  
Regular Season Practice Thu 09/19/13 9:15pm 90 mins Commander Park Arena Rink 2  
Regular Season Practice Tue 09/24/13 9:00pm 90 mins Don Montgomery

Another Change in Exhibition Schedule - 08/30/13

Please Take note, the Exhibition Schedule has just changed again, hopefully for the final  time.


Team Schedule
EX A Tue 09/03/13 8:00 pm @ Toronto Aeros Ted Reeve Arena   Download in iCal Format Driving Directions
EX A Thu 09/05/13 8:00 pm @ Mississauga Braves Ted Reeve Arena   Download in iCal Format Driving Directions
EX A Sat 09/07/13 4:00 pm @ Mississauga Ice Warriors Ted Reeve Arena   Download in iCal Format Driving Directions
EX A Sun 09/08/13 5:00 pm @ West Mall Lightning Ted Reeve Arena   Download in iCal Format Driving Directions

Pre Season Exhibition Schedule Changed - 08/21/13


The Exhibition Schedule for our Preseason gamnes has changed.

Good news is we are now playing four games instead of three.














9:30 pm

@ Goulding Park Rangers Ted Reeve Arena


Download in iCal Format Driving Directions





8:00 pm

@ Humberview Huskies Ted Reeve Arena


Download in iCal Format Driving Directions





1:30 pm

@ East Enders Ticats Ted Reeve Arena


Download in iCal Format Driving Directions





3:30 pm

@ Mississauga Braves Ted Reeve Arena


Download in iCal Format 


Exhibition Games - 08/08/13

Exhibition Games are up

Details Date Time Opponent Location Score
Game Info Thu, 9/5/13 9:30 PM @ East Enders Ticats Ted Reeve Arena  
Game Info Sat, 9/7/13 6:00 PM Humberview Huskies Ted Reeve Arena  
Game Info Sun, 9/8/13 2:00 PM @ West Hill Golden Hawks Ted Reeve Arena

New Developmental Skates - Vanja - 08/01/13

Here are three more skates, if you are in town, lets get some bodies out to these!


As always these are at Future Stars Rinks


Sunday      Aug 4th  12:30 - 1:30 pm   NHL pad                      60 min  ($15/player)


Monday     Aug 5th    6:30 - 8:30 pm   NHL pad                      120 min ($20/player)


Thursday   Aug 8th    9:40 - 10:40 pm Rink 3 SMALL Pad  -  60 min   6 players (and 2Goalies - Individual Skills and Shooting) ($15/player) 

Attendance confirmation mandatory or this one,

but I would not mind confirmation for all.

New Development Skate Dates and Times - 07/23/13

Hi Everyone,

we are getting some really posative feedback on the skates that Vanja is running.

He has added a few more times, which I have listed below.

This is a real opportunity to blow off the rust and get your legs moving before we hit the ice in August.

if you can make any of these skates I highly recommend it


Thursday July 25th 8:40-9:30 1hr

Sunday    July 28th 1:40 - 3:40 2hrs

Tuesday   July 30  9:15 - 10:15 pm



Ice in July/Aug. - Development Skates - 07/16/13

Vanja Cecen, ex Yugoslavian National superstar is running some AAA developmet skates in July and early August  

He has graciosly given our players an opportunity to participate

Cost roughly $20, depending upon attendance 

Future Stars Arena,  

·  1107 Finch Ave West (just west of Dufferin). 

 Thursday 18 July 8:40-9:40 pm  (60 min)  

 Sunday 21 July 1:40 -:30 pm (120min)  

 Thursday July 25 8:40-9:40 pm (60 min)


Preseason Camp Starts August 19 - 07/16/13

Please refer to our Practice Ice schedule

You will see that our preseason ice starts August 19,22,26,29

There will be more dates added

Dryland Training - 07/16/13

Please note that dryland training continues every monday and wednesday night at 7:00 Broadlands

Attendance is not manditory but highly encouraged.

At the moment the boys are up to 600 reps.

Last Game

Thu Mar 20, 2014 - 9:00pm - Playoff Game (Away) 123F
West Mall2114

Point Leaders

R. Turley364379
D. Clarke432568
S. Schollig262551

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