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Glacier Avalanche 11-12

Team Roster

# Name Position Shoots Height Weight DOB
8 Barnes, Remington RW R 5' 8 115 94
5 Clayton, Devin RD L 6'2 195 95
9 Colgrove, Zachary C L 5'11 152 97
4 Courtney, Janessa RW R 5'3 120 95
0 Duncan, Wyatt RW L 5'8 130 95
11 Fopp, Anthony RW R 5'10 140 95
9 Gamble, Hunter RD L 5'10 165 96
7 Hulslander, Taylor G L 6 155 94
2 Jochen, Curtis RW L 5'10 145 93
1 Jochen, Stephen G L 5'10 138 95
18 Jones, Logan D R 5'7 165 94
15 Kanistanaux, Koler RD L 6' 175 95
9 Marcus, Drew C R 5'4 110 96
12 May, Luke D L 6 165 96
3 McElwain, Tyler RD R 5'10 230 94
10 Miller, Hayden LW R 5'9 155 97
12 O'Connell, Sean F/D R 6'1 165 94
6 Rizzolo, David RW R 5'4 135 95
14 Schur, Wylie LD L
19 Smith, Gage LD L 6'1" 170 95
22 Veyna, Timmy LW R 5'11 155 94


  Power Skating Camp 2012-07-07


Aug. 3-5 , 2012

Helena, Montana


Hockey Ventures, LLC

P.O. Box 242

Gallatin Gateway, MT 59730

Phone: 406-570-4902 Fax: 406-763-4139



Hockey Ventures, LLC Presents


Laura Stamm Power Skating


Next Level Stick Handling






Wayne Gretzky has said, "If you can’t skate, you can’t play our sport. Skating is an art."

Skating, or SPEED, IS THE NAME OF THE GAME. Without good technique, it is very difficult for any hockey player to reach his or her optimum potential for speed.

Laura Stamm Power Skating is the finest technique training program in the world. The entire focus of the program is to teach SPEED, ACCELERATION AND MOBILITY by teaching HOW TO CORRECTLY EXE-CUTE every possible hockey maneuver. We don’t just tell you to GO. We teach you HOW TO GO!! Speed on straightaways, accelerating the corners, explosive starts, backward maneuverability, quickness and rapid transition - all are taught in a step by step, progressive sequence that is made simple to learn and easy to re-


Don’t think you can learn everything in one shot. Like going to school, it takes years to excel in a sport. So it does for skating as well. Our program is a process! First, we teach CORRECTLY. Then your taught cor-rectly, POWERFULLY. Then we teach you correctly, powerfully, and QUICKLY. The final step is correctly, powerfully, quickly, WITH THE PUCK. Put these all to-gether in a game situation and you now have an edge over your competition. This is TOUGH and takes time. Our program gives you the skills you need to master skating at top speed under pressure.

Coaches at all levels are looking for players with skill. Every player needs to learn puck skills and recognize how to control the puck all around their body and work on puck eye hand coordination skills, puck multi-tasking skills, puck footwork skills, puck agility skills, edge work with a puck, and under-stand the step by step mechanics of our moves, fakes, or dekes, while learning how to angle the opposition with the puck so they can make these moves work in game situations and create extreme puck confidence while improving their ability to read and re-act while enhancing their creativity…. This is what NLPD is about and why we have studied puck skill develop-ment for many years in North America and in Europe. You have heard… can’t skate, can’t play! Well… can’t handle the puck, can’t play! As we say at Next Level Player Development…..

Control the puck…. OR THE PUCK WILL CONTROL YOU!




  Red Solo Cup- Hockey Party 2012-03-12

Dear Glacier Avalanche High School Midget Hockey Players and Parents,

Well another hockey season with our "never a dull moment" scrappy little team has come to an end.

Let's get together one more time for some pizza and laughs Monday night at 7pm at Jersey Boys Pizza in Whitefish.

We can recap some of our favorite moments and let the guys (and GAL) pal around together for one more Monday night.

Please RSVP to by Sunday so I know how much food to pre-order.  A donation of $10/head greatly appreciated towards food and non-alcoholic bevs.

Looking forward to seeing you all,

Jen Rizzolo

  Montana Cup 2012-02-27

Montana Cup:

Friday 3/2 12:30 pm

Glacier vs. Helena Outdoor Sheet

Friday 3/2 6:30 pm

Glacier vs. Havre Indoor Sheet

Saturday 3/3 2:30 pm

Glacier vs. Glascow/Miles City

Sunday 3/4

8:00 am 3rd vs. 4th Indoor Sheet

10:00 am Championship Indoor Sheet

Last Game

Feb 05, 2012 - 8:00am (Away) 1 2 3 F
Glacier Midget 0 0 1 1
Helena Bighorns 2 3 1 6

Point Leaders

Name G A Pts
Kanistanaux, Koler 7 12 19
Rizzolo, David 7 5 12
Marcus, Drew 6 5 11

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