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10,000 Pucks – 2011

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: HockeyShare Contests

The 10,000 Pucks Contest is back for the 5th season.  In 2010, we had nearly 2 million shots logged by more than 500 players from across the world.  If you aren’t familiar with the 10,000 Pucks Contest, here’s the quick overview:

The 10,000 Pucks Contest is designed for players to set personal goals and achieve them. Individual players can join the contest and set their own goals for number of pucks from June 1st – August 31st.  Our tracking system allows players to enter how many shots they’ve taken and track their progress.  It even tells them how many pucks they need to shoot each day to reach their goal!

Coaches can also leverage our contest platform to create accountability through the summer months. Coaches can create teams and direct players to the contest page.  When the players sign up, they can select their team, which allows coaches to view their progress.  We had man teams from the US & Canada using our platform in 2010 to make their teams better.

What’s new for the 2011 contest?

  • International Competition – Once the contest begins, users will be able to see how many shots have been logged from the United States, Canada, and Internationally
  • Photo Upload – Upload your photos of you shooting for the contest for everyone to see
  • Team Prize Package – The team logging the most shots in the contest will be eligible to receive a prize package
  • Trick Shot Contest – Upload your best “trick shot” to YouTube and submit it from your profile to be entered in a chance to win another prize package

The contest runs from June 1st, 2011 – August 31st, 2011.

To get started and set your account up today, visit:  www.hockeyshare.com/10000pucks/


Drill Diagrammer & Practice Planner Now LIVE!

It’s finally here!  Today, we’re excited to announce the official public launch of our online drill diagramming, practice planning, and sharing platform.  We’re confident this is by far the most advanced online application of its sort.  Whether you’re an individual looking to create drills and practice plans just for yourself, or an association with 100 coaches to share information between, our platform will stand up to the test.  The best part about our online platform is your content is accessible from any computer on the web.  No more being tied down to a single computer!

True to our vision, we’ve included BIG functionality for FREE.  There will be two levels of the service: Standard and Premium.  Standard users are absolutely FREE – you just need a HockeyShare.com login.  Standard users can create and save a limited number of drills and practice plans in their account. Premium users have unlimited access to create drills and practice plans.

Try out the demo today here:


To get started using the platform, just go to “My Drills” or “My Practice Plans” under the “Hockey Drills” menu at the top of the page.

[vimeo id=”23590848″ w=”640″ h=”480″]

Here is a quick snapshot of some of the features our platform offers:

Drill Diagrammer

  • Freehand drawing
  • Line merging
  • Action item snapping
  • Custom object numbering
  • Choose from hundreds of colors for actions & objects
  • Shading tools
  • 6 different rink layouts
  • JPG export of diagrams

Practice Planner

  • Add drills from your own drill database
  • Add drills from HockeyShare.com
  • Drag-and-Drop Drill Re-Ordering
  • Printer Friendly Versions
  • PDF Export (Premium Feature)
  • Email Practice Plan to Team/Coaches/Parents (Premium Feature)
  • One-Click Plan Duplication
  • Calculated Drill Start Times

Association Features

  • Share drills among association coaches/users
  • Share practice plans among association coaches/users
  • Copy shared drills & practice plans with one click
  • Private discussion forums
  • Custom user interface to match your association colors
  • Custom logos on practice plans

Want to compare the different versions of the platform we offer?  Visit the link below:




HockeyShare Drill Diagrammer Overview

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: HockeyShare.com Features
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We’re excited to say the launch of our new online drill diagrammer and practice planning platform is just days (hours???) away!  Since so many people have been asking about the diagrammer in particular, I put together a quick tutorial video which covers some of the different features of the diagrammer.

[vimeo id=”23382123″ w=”640″ h=”360″]

Want to see more features?  We’ve broken down almost all the features in the diagrammer in this tutorial:


What about the practice planner?  View our in-depth walk-through video here:



Defense Recovery – Video

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: Instructional Video
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This quick video covers defensive recovery when getting beat on a rush.



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