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Slide Board – Part 1 (Video)

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: Instructional Video
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Part one of this series covers basic equipment overviews and tips on how to lengthen your hockey stride. Parts two and three will cover training variations and athletic training using the slide board.

Slide Board Information


Attacking the Low Seam – Video

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: Instructional Video
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In this video, we cover the fundamental concepts for attacking a low goal line seam from a drive off the half wall. This concept can be used as a base for a drill off of several different variations.  Here are some sample drills for this setup:  Attacking the Low Seam – Basic Drills


Drill Diagrammer Update

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: HockeyShare.com Features
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We’re excited to announce the addition of several requested features to our Drill Diagrammer:

  • Added “Triangle Object” – at the request of many of our international users, we’ve added the triangle object to make it easier to adhere to local drill standards
  • Added “Attack Triangle Object” – let’s face it, lots of drills utilize the Attack Triangle – it’s a great product – now we’ve made adding them to your drills a breeze with the new object
  • Added “Agility Ladder Object” – this object has been at the request of lots of users using our diagrammer for off ice drill stations

Stay tuned for lots more diagrammer updates – this is just the beginning!



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