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Attacking the High Seam (Video & Examples)

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: Instructional Video
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We have gotten a lot of great feedback from users on our video on attacking the high seam off the half-wall.  Lots of people wrote us asking to see it in action, so we provided a series of links to additional videos showing the use of the seam to either create a goal or set one up.  In case you missed our video – we have embedded it below.  The example video links are located below the video.

Examples of this seam in action:

Basic Example:  (watch how the D pulls up at the hash marks)

Power Play Example:

Different Angle of Attack on the Same Seam:

Seam Off a Faceoff:

Seam Exploited Off a Contained Rush:

Seam w/ Pass:  (Pause the video 4 seconds in – notice how the strong-side winger has turned his body and committed in to the puck carrier, opening up the point option)



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