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10,000 Pucks Begins Today!

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Today (June 1st, 2011) marks the beginning of the 10,000 Pucks Contest for 2011.  If you’re unfamiliar with 10,000 Pucks, here’s the quick overview:

Players:  Set your goal for how many pucks you want to shoot over the summer, log your shots online, win prizes if you’re one of the top shooters.

Coaches:  Set up your team, send them the link, track their progress through the summer.

The contest remains free for coaches and players to enter.  To get started today, visit www.hockeyshare.com/10000pucks


10,000 Pucks – 2011

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: HockeyShare Contests

The 10,000 Pucks Contest is back for the 5th season.  In 2010, we had nearly 2 million shots logged by more than 500 players from across the world.  If you aren’t familiar with the 10,000 Pucks Contest, here’s the quick overview:

The 10,000 Pucks Contest is designed for players to set personal goals and achieve them. Individual players can join the contest and set their own goals for number of pucks from June 1st – August 31st.  Our tracking system allows players to enter how many shots they’ve taken and track their progress.  It even tells them how many pucks they need to shoot each day to reach their goal!

Coaches can also leverage our contest platform to create accountability through the summer months. Coaches can create teams and direct players to the contest page.  When the players sign up, they can select their team, which allows coaches to view their progress.  We had man teams from the US & Canada using our platform in 2010 to make their teams better.

What’s new for the 2011 contest?

  • International Competition – Once the contest begins, users will be able to see how many shots have been logged from the United States, Canada, and Internationally
  • Photo Upload – Upload your photos of you shooting for the contest for everyone to see
  • Team Prize Package – The team logging the most shots in the contest will be eligible to receive a prize package
  • Trick Shot Contest – Upload your best “trick shot” to YouTube and submit it from your profile to be entered in a chance to win another prize package

The contest runs from June 1st, 2011 – August 31st, 2011.

To get started and set your account up today, visit:  www.hockeyshare.com/10000pucks/


10,000 Pucks – Final Results

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The results are in for the 10,000 Pucks 2010 contest.  In this year’s contest, we had 527 players logging shots from around the world.  The total shot tally for this season was an impressive: 1,922,853.  Not only did we surpass our goal of seeing 1 million shots logged, we almost broke the 2 million mark!  Now, the moment everyone’s been waiting for….the player results.

Click to continue…


10,000 Pucks – 2010

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HockeyShare is excited to announce the launch of the 2010 – 10,000 Pucks, 1 Summer Contest. This will be the 4th year of the contest, and we’re excited to see it continue to grow. Last year we had over 500 participants from across the US & Canada shooting pucks.

Visit the 10,000 Pucks Page

Coaches: you can have your team compete and track their progress. Just create your team, and have your players register for the contest (they can select their team when they signup).

Players: start logging your shots beginning June 1st.


Skate hard & keep your head up! See you around the rinks.


10,000 Pucks Contest Winners – 2009

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: HockeyShare Contests
With the last of the prizes having been shipped out for the 2009 10,000 Pucks Contest, I thought it would be a good time to showcase some of the winners from last year’s contest.  We’re looking to make the 2010 contest bigger and better.  We’re always welcome to hear new ideas for the program.  If you’ve got suggestions or sponsorship ideas for the 2010 contest, please let me know at kevin@hockeyshare.com



Hockey Is… – Contest Winners

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The winners of the “Hockey Is…” contest are as follows:

1) Ted Miskolczi Sr – Hockey is knowing that you are going to the arena to teach kids a game that could alter their life in some way, also knowing that they are with friends and family but most of all at the end of the day hockey is when the kids come up to you with a big smile and says I had fun today coach.

2) JIM – hockey is filling a void in your life that only you, yourself can place the value on. The game by nature is an ever changing enviroment of recognizable patterns , yet it lends itself well to those individuals that bore easily and seldom tire. It is the freedom to be outside of your present life if only for a brief moment in time. It is a dream come to life , in a childs heart. A heart still young no matter what the age.

3) Thomas Guarino -Hockey is very important to me. Hockey is me! I love to play it. It is something that I know is good for my body and my mind.I have learned alot of things by playing hockey. Not only have I learned how to play the game of hockey but I have also learned many lessons.

I have learned that to be a “great hockey player” I must be a team player and not just the leading goal scorer. I know that my teammates have alot of respect for me because I do what is expected of me from my team and from my coach. It makes me feel good when I choose to pass to the lead man to score instead of “hogging” the puck just to prove that I can score. I know that I need to play for my team and not just for myself.

My life is good because of what hockey has taught me. I play my hardest and I play as a part of a whole team. I know that I am well liked because of this. This is how I try to live my life outside of the rink, in school, and at home. I pitch in to help out at home and I am always there for my friends if they need me. Whether I am helping out as a part of my family, as part of my group of friends, or as a part of my hockey team, I know that I always need to work well with others.

I learned that hard work on the ice is like hard work at school. When I play hard on the ice, I feel better at the end of the game whether we win or lose. When I work hard at school I know that I am learning alot of good things for when I am older and go to college. If I put all my best effort into my work I know that I will get a pretty good shot of getting something good out of it.

In the future, I believe that I will be whatever I want to be because of what hockey has taught me. I know that I have to work hard to get things done. Hockey made me see that I have to trust people, be generous, and always help people who need it without expecting anything back. Hockey has taught me lessons that have made me a good person and these things that I have learned will let me do anything I want in my life.

4) Rick Vaile – hockeys is a game of fun and skill where everyone involved learns something new just about everyday they are at the rink. Hockey is spending time with the family and fFriends. Hockey is being there when they need help, to see all the smiles when something great happens. or console when something not so good happens. Hockey is teaching and learning respect for the game on the ice as well as taking that respect and applying it to off ice life. Hockey is a great way to teach and learn life lessons that will arise when we get older.Hockey is a way to stay in shape and stay active. Hockey is plain and simply the best game in the world with some of the best people and role models I have ever met. Without Hockey my life would have never been as great as it has been. Thank You Hockey and to all the people who have help make me who I am today.

5) Gary – Hockey is the ultimate combination of teamwork, artistry, discipline, creativity, athleticism and passion!

We were originally going to do only 3 winners, but both Brett and I thought we could go with more. Winners #4 and #5 will both receive a copy of “In Pursuit of Excellence.” This is a great motivational book with lots of ideas to apply to sports and life.


Drill Submission Contest

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Got Drills? We’ve been adding new drills, and want to encourage user submissions to see what others around the world have in their drill banks! From now until January 31st, 2010, if you submit 3 drills with diagrams to us, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a great coaching prize pack of: In Pursuit of Excellence (book), Mitch Korn’s Goaltending Manual (CD-ROM), and Improve Your Skating at Home (DVD). There are 3 easy ways you can submit drills to us:

1) Online Form
2) Email: kevin@hockeyshare.com
3) Fax: (866) 381-8260



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