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Drill Shootout Winner: 2 on 1 Gap Control (w/ Animation)

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Last week’s Drill Shootout winner was the 2 on 1 Gap Control

View Drill w/ Animation


TotalHockey.net Coupon

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Since so many people on this site use TotalHockey.net for their hockey gear needs, I figured I’d pass along this coupon to save $10 on purchases of $100 or more.

Just use the following link:  Save $10 on Hockey Equipment

Then, when you go to check out, use the following coupon code: C7C4I9-Y1Z9B8-L3A9T2


November 2009 Practice Plans

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Here are my practice plans for November, 2009

Practice Plan for 11/25/09
Dryland Plan for 11/25/09
Practice Plan for 11/24/09
Practice Plan for 11/19/09
Dryland Plan for 11/19/09
Practice Plan for 11/18/09
Practice Plan for 11/17/09
Dryland Plan for 11/17/09
Practice Plan for 11/12/09
Practice Plan for 11/10/09
Dryland Plan for 11/10/09
Practice Plan for 11/05/09
Practice Plan for 11/04/09
Practice Plan for 11/03/09


Happy Thanksgiving

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I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! We’re all blessed to have the great game of hockey in our lives, but that’s just the beginning. Enjoy the time with family and/or friends.  God Bless.

Skate hard & keep your head up!


For fun, I’ve put together some links of friends and supporters.  Take a look at their sites – hope you enjoy them!

NiceRink – The World’s Best Backyard Ice Rinks! – www.nicerink.com
Puckmasters Lake Bluff – Private Hockey Instruction on Plastic – www.puckmasterslakebluff.com
Sports Stomping Ground – Sports news focused on the Detroit area – www.sportsstompingground.com


Inspirational Video

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Here’s an inspirational video I watched earlier today and thought I’d share.   Enjoy.


Team Building Resources

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about some good exercises / games to help bring your team closer.  Here are some links to team building resources I’ve found helpful:

USA Hockey Team Building
Team Building Activities, Initiative Games, & Problem Solving Exercises
Group Games
Brain Teasers

    If you’ve got some other resources you think I should list, drop me an email and I’ll get them added here.



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