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Hockey Rink Diagrams & Practice Plan Templates

As a hockey coach, one of the best things you can do to improve your practices is to have a proper game plan in place before you set foot on the ice. ┬áThis also includes bringing your assistant coaches up to speed on the drills and techniques you will be focusing on during the session. By properly planning, you greatly increase the chances of running a “successful” practice. ┬áHaving everyone (entire coaching staff) on the ice working toward a common vision and knowing exactly what emphasis points there are for drills helps eliminate mixed messages to the players and makes your coaching staff look much more professional.

Hockey Practice / Drill Planning Templates

Hockey Practice Plan Template (This is the one I use daily for practice)

Hockey Practice Plan Template (3 Drills)

Single Hockey Drill Diagram Template

Hockey Rink Diagrams:

Full Hockey Rink Diagram (Horizontal)

Full Hockey Rink Diagram (Vertical)

Half-Rink Diagram (Left)

Half-Rink Diagram (Right)

Half-Rink Diagram (Top)

Half-Rink Diagram (Bottom)


Bob Says:
August 10th, 2011 a31 2:40pm

Thanks; great website. Rink diagrams are surprisingly hard to find on the net!

David Says:
August 24th, 2011 a31 1:01pm

This is great. As the poster above mentioned, it’s oddly difficult to find Rink Diagrams.

Thank you

Jim Says:
August 30th, 2011 a31 1:37pm

Very helpful!

Thank you for posting these.

John DiFelice Says:
October 7th, 2011 a31 10:23am

Are these available in editable format such as Word?

Kevin Says:
October 7th, 2011 a31 2:18pm

They aren’t available in MS Word. However, if you’re looking to draw drills or create practice plans, we do offer a platform for that. You can learn more here: http://www.hockeyshare.com/drills/learn_more.php

Chris Says:
May 7th, 2012 a31 12:14pm

Love the site! Its thought to get some diagrams on the net and this site is very exceptional. I love the diagram creator its one of a kind!

August 23rd, 2012 a31 2:27pm


Rockie Says:
December 22nd, 2014 a31 8:43pm

Looking for a printable templet for my prastice plan

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