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Off-Ice Drills to Develop Quick Feet

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: Hockey Drills
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Developing “quick feet” is essential for hockey players.  Players with quicker feet can typically accelerate, turn, and re-accelerate faster than other players – giving them a distinct advantage.  One of the best and most simple tools we’ve come across is the Dot Drill Mat.  It’s basically just a thick rubber mat with dots drawn on it (photo below).  You can certainly draw the pattern on the ground with chalk, but I will say it’s very handy to have the actual mat.  We have them in our workout facility for our team, and use them on a weekly basis.

Here are some resources we’ve found from around the web.  Hopefully these resources give you some new and fresh ideas when working with your team to develop quick feet.




If you’re interested in purchasing a Dot Drill Mat, I would recommend getting them through Power Systems.  Here is the product link:  http://tinyurl.com/yfhoom2

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