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Defensive Escape Turns w/ Shooting [Video]

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: Hockey Drills,Instructional Video
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This week’s video expands on one of our most popular past videos.  When we posted the original Defensive Escape Turns video, we got lots of positive feedback from the community, so we wanted to expand on the drill.  The expansion of the drill adds two shots.  While this addition may seem small, when incorporating them into this drill, you’ll quickly see how much more challenging the drill becomes.

Coaching key points:

  1. On the pivots backward to forward, make sure players do not cross over.  Instead, step out heel-to-heel and open the hips
  2. Force players to take backhand shots
  3. Understand this drill will put players out of their comfort zone while shooting – don’t allow them to take a long time to set up to shoot the puck, force them to shoot quickly after they pivot

Original Defensive Escape Turns Video

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