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Shooting from a D to D Pass

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: Instructional Video
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This week’s video covers the technique behind quickly shooting at the point off of a “d to d” pass.

Teaching Points:

  • Quick release is key
  • Make sure the shot gets through (look, find the lane)
  • Eliminate un-necessary stickhandles
  • Quickly open your body to the net, moving around the puck
  • Puck should be under your body when you shoot
  • Common mistake: Having puck too far ahead of body, causing high or weak shots
Here’s an example from the NHL:

1 Comment

Pete Says:
December 15th, 2011 a31 12:55pm

One additional teaching points could be:
– keep your feet over the blue line at the neutral zone when receiving passes or shooting, gives more room for the d-man, especially in European rinks…

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