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Simple Penalty Kill Forecheck

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: Hockey Systems
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Killing off a penalty can be one of the most critical turning points of a game.  Your team finally ices the puck, and you get a fresh set of legs on the ice to go pressure the opposing team while they’re setting up their breakout….now what?  If you’re dealing with older players, it is important your players know their responsibilities and the lanes they’re defending.

I’ve created a short-but-sweet PDF file outlining a basic penalty kill forecheck.  The file also outlines each player’s basic responsibility.  I hope you find it helpful!

Basic Penalty Kill Forecheck from HockeyShare.com (PDF)


Harry Guittard Says:
July 2nd, 2010 a31 6:42pm

I like the concept, I just finished giving my PeeWee A team a handout on the Penalty Kill followed by an on ice session that went really well. they also had some PK homework to complete prior to the on ice session.
We use the ‘T’ as a forecheck and it works very well. Once this is a learned skill we can add more from there. We also use this as a basic way to fore-check and add forechcecking skills as needed.
I could send you the handout on the PK if you would like.



Kevin Says:
July 3rd, 2010 a31 7:25am

Hi Harry,

I’d love to see the handout and share it with the community here! My email is kevin@hockeyshare.com.


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