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September Drill Book: Passing Drills

Posted by Vivek Dalsaniya - Filed under: Monthly Drill Book
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This month’s Drill Book features 10 passing drills to help your team get the puck moving. Each drill featured in the free Drill Book contains a link so you can copy the drill right to your HockeyShare account.


Surrounding the Puck (Video)

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: Instructional Video
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Surrounding the puck is a skill for any advanced level player to master.  It involves quickly turning your body around the puck to execute a pass in another direction quickly.  In this video, we demonstrate the concept in the neutral zone.


Indirect Passing – Basic Overview (Video)

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: Instructional Video
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In this week’s video, we cover the basic concepts behind making indirect passes.  In particular, we discuss making board and area passes, and what to look for in different scenarios to make effective passes.


Forehand Passing & Receiving 101 (Video)

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: Instructional Video
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This week’s video discusses the basics of passing and receiving on the forehand.

Passing Key Teaching Points

  • With beginners, start with feet perpendicular to the target
  • Puck on the middle of the blade
  • Bring puck behind the back foot, slightly cupping the puck
  • Head up, look at your target
  • Push the puck forward in a straight line, transferring weight from the back leg to the front leg
  • Open your hips as you transfer the weight
  • Point your stick directly at the target on your follow through
  • Follow through low to the ice
Receiving Key Teaching Points
  • Start with blade flat on the ice and not angled
  • Blade should be parallel to the passing stick for optimal control
  • Blade should start about 6″ inside your front foot if feet are perpendicular to passer
  • Catch the puck in the middle of your stick blade
  • Absorb the impact of the puck by having a slight give (only a few inches) to the stick
  • Avoid un-necessary stickhandles before moving the puck again
Here is a link to the PassMaster used in this video.  Note that I do NOT make any money if you buy this, I’m providing the link because I like the product and find it useful.


4 Corner Passing – Stretch Pass

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: Hockey Drills
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Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of requests for some more advanced drills.  This drill is a variation on one of my favorite drills (4 Corner Passing).  The variation focuses primarily on stretch passes and timing.  I would recommend this drill for Bantams or older, as some of the younger teams will not be able to move the puck quick enough or execute the cross-body pass effectively to keep the timing of the drill.  This video walks through the drill and explains some key portions. The entire drill was drawn using the HockeyShare Drill Diagrammer.

View the drill page  | Draw Drills & Create Practice Plans


NJ Flow Drill – 3 Man Variation Drill Video

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: Hockey Drills
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This video walks throught a variation of the NJ Flow Drill focusing on timing, one-touch, and stretch passes. This drill is recommended for Peewee and up, and can be modified to run from both ends simultaneously for more advanced groups.

This drill was created using the HockeyShare Drill Diagramming platform.

View the Drill Page for the NJ Flow (3-Man Variation)



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