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Lateral Plyo Box Walks

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: Instructional Video
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This week’s video features another exercise using HockeyShot’s Plyo Boxes. This week, we look at a lunge exercise used to maintain posture and powerful stance, while developing leg strength.


Plyo Box Squat Jumps

Posted by Kevin - Filed under: Instructional Video
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The ability to generate quick and explosive power is essential for every hockey player.  In this video, we cover the Plyo Box Squat Jumps.  This exercise requires the athlete to get into a low powerful stance and explode up to the platform while staying on the balls of the feet to maintain balance and stability.  This is a great exercise to increase leg strength and explosive power.

We recommend using a high-quality plyo box for this exercise.  Here’s a link to the ones we used, available at HockeyShot.com: Deluxe Plyo Boxes



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