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Finnish Half-Ice Drill

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Drill Preview
Drill Preview
Drill Preview


1. on whistle, (D) skates up to blue line and pivots backward
2. after the pivot, (C) dumps a puck into the corner
3. (D) picks it up and initiates a breakout using the misdirection
4. (F) times the play and swings through to receive a board-side breakout
5. (F) attacks the seam and takes a shot (in stride)

Notes: Sequence 2: Same set-up as above, except add a second defenseman, and use a reverse.

Sequence 3: Include a 1 on 1.

Category: Systems
Tags: Breakouts, 1 on 1, Half-Ice
Posted By: weissie20 (Used in 4 Plans) Created: 2013-10-10, Last Modified 2013-10-10


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