Finnish Half-Ice Drill

  This drill is currently in the trash and scheduled to be deleted soon

Ice Hockey Drill Diagram

Ice Hockey Drill Diagram

Ice Hockey Drill Diagram


1. on whistle, (D) skates up to blue line and pivots backward
2. after the pivot, (C) dumps a puck into the corner
3. (D) picks it up and initiates a breakout using the misdirection
4. (F) times the play and swings through to receive a board-side breakout
5. (F) attacks the seam and takes a shot (in stride)

Notes: Sequence 2: Same set-up as above, except add a second defenseman, and use a reverse.

Sequence 3: Include a 1 on 1.

Category: Systems
Tags: Breakouts, 1 on 1, Half-Ice
Posted By: weissie20 (Used in 1 Plan) Created: 2013-10-10, Last Modified 2013-10-10


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