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Edgework & Crossovers (middle of ice)



Setup: Make a circle out of 5 cones in the middle of the zone between the faceoff circles.

Make sure to do these drills going both ways around the circle.

Progression #1: Use C-Cuts to go around the circle. The inside knee should be bent and the outside leg should be pushing outwards then back inwards in a half-circle motion. Push hard.

Progression #2: Keep two hands on the stick. Knees should be bent for a stronger crossover. Players will need to use the outside edge of the inside leg and sweep the leg underneath the other leg which will be coming over top. Make sure to do this both ways on the circle.

Progression #3: Try to have the players only use one hand on the stick which will force them to balance more on their own and not rely on the stick.

Category: Skating
Posted By: mike19 (Used in 2 Plans) Created: 2022-12-16, Last Modified 2023-01-11


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