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Attack Triangle Sequence

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Drill Preview
Drill Preview
Drill Preview


Phase 1:
1. player (F1) leaves without puck, cuts across neutral zone
2. receives pass in stride
3. drives wide and shoots
4. after making the pass, first player in other line does the same thing

Phase 2:
1. first player (F1) does same thing as in phase 1.
2. second player in same line becomes F2. cuts inside first cone, then drives wide and cuts to the net for a 1-timer

Phase 3:
1. F1 and F2 do the same thing as in phase 2
2. Player who makes pass becomes F3 and follows up the puck carrier to form an attack triangle
3. work whatever options you need

Notes: http://weisstechhockey.com

Category: Systems
Tags: F1, F2, F3 Responsibilities, Drive wide, Attack Options
Posted By: weissie20 (Used in 52 Plans) Created: 2013-10-18, Last Modified 2013-10-18


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