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Circle Rotations - Transitions



Rotation A - Quick Feet: Start on goal line in corner and complete 4 tight circles around the cones using crossovers and full stops at the boards. Emphasize quick feet, stick in front, and crossover starts at the boards. Next player starts after previous skater circles cone 2, players line up on far side to repeat in the other direction.

Rotation B - Strong Feet: Start on goal line on opposite corner and complete 3 circles using crossovers (near face-off circle, center circle, then near face-off circle again). Next player starts after previous skater completes the first circle, players line up in the same corner to await next set. Consider progression: inside foot only, outside foot only, both feet. Additional variations in notes.

Notes: Variations on A: tight turns only (spin the cone?), mohawks (t-push out), pivots, pivot then tight turn
Variations on B: pivots, backward crossovers (with optional inside edge hold), pivots to keep facing one direction, transitions at blue line

Category: Skating
Tags: quick vs strong crossovers using both edges
Posted By: Bclark1983 (Used in 4 Plans) Created: 2023-05-01, Last Modified 2023-05-02


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