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  This drill is currently in the trash and scheduled to be deleted soon

Power Skating - Balance



Use ice available to practice fundamental edgework, break into age squads as needed:
1. Best forward strides: remember - low/long strides, end stride thrust with ankle rotation, rapid stride recovery, and arm swing for full speed
2. Knee lifts: 3 strong strides, lift and hold one knee high in front
3. One-leg squat drops: 3 strong strides, squat on one leg and hold with other leg bent behind body just off the ice (advanced variation: "duck leg" in front instead of behind)
4. Knee drops: 3 strong strides, drop one knee to the ice and hold (take another 3 strides and repeat if player "stalls")
5. Alternating knee drops: rapid alternating knee drops after every stride
6. Both knee drops (practice on the goal line first): 3 strong strides, drop to both knees, rapidly get up and repeat (make sure players keep shoulders back or "point their belly button" throughout)
7. Both knee drops, backwards: repeat backwards, 3 knee drops max
8. Knee drops at transitions: 3 strong strides, successive knee drops into 180 transition to backwards, quickly get up and repeat (3 knee drops max)
9. Full 360 knee drops at transitions: 3 strong strides, successive knee drops into 360 spin, repeat (consider stick held behind back with both hands to teach core rotation)
10. Both feet jumps and jump stops: explosive 2-feet jumps at hash marks, blue line, and red line (jump into the stop to finish)

Category: Skating
Tags: balance, quickness, edge control
Posted By: Bclark1983 (Used in 1 Plan) Created: 2023-05-15, Last Modified 2023-05-15


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