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  This drill is currently in the trash and scheduled to be deleted soon

Crash the Net Drill



Drill #1: X1 skates around the inside of cones and takes a shot on net from the outside. X2 does the same on the other side without the puck and crashes the net for a rebound.

Drill #2: Same as Drill #1 except move the cone out to hash marks and instead of a shot X3 passes to X4 in front.

*Another variation is to make cones a little tighter for puck carrier and then have them take puck behind the net for a pass out front.

Notes: Move the pucks to the other corner once everyone has had a few reps.

Category: Shooting
Tags: Puck Handling, Shooting, Crashing the net, Rebounds
Posted By: Englebretsen (Used in 270 Plans) Created: 2013-12-16, Last Modified 2013-11-13


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