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1)Start off with all skaters below the blue line on one end.
Blow the whistle to start skating with the pucks. Have different colors going in different directions.
2)Blow whistle to have all skaters stop.
Have them all look up at Coach. Have them stationary stick handle watching your hand count down from 5.
3)Where then they stay below the top of the circle. repeating Step one
4)Repeat step 2
5)Then have them repeat step 1 staying below the dots.

Notes: Coaches can go in and poke check the puck away.
I like this to just have people understand how important it is to skate heads up.

Category: Stickhandling
Tags: Heads up stick handling, puck protection and control
Posted By: Tosated (Used in 135 Plans) Created: 2011-06-04, Last Modified 2013-06-03


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