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  This drill is currently in the trash and scheduled to be deleted soon

Bobby Orr Regroup - SRS



Forwards on both sides, D1 is set on blue line.

1. F1 passes to D1
2. D1 skates backwards with the puck and pivots around the cone. F1 and F4 proceed around the cones on the far side of the ice.
3. D1 steps forward and passes to F1 (could be either F1 or F4)
4. Recipient of the pass passes to other forward and goes for rebound, other forward (in this case F4) receives pass and shoots on net.

Category: Puck Control
Tags: Backwards skating and control for defence,
Posted By: bpeasy (Used in 223 Plans) Created: 2011-10-14, Last Modified 2013-06-03


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