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  This drill is currently in the trash and scheduled to be deleted soon

Cycle One Time Relay



Run out of Both ends of the ice. 2 times one in each corner 2 Team Competition
Place enough pucks behind net to give each player 2 turns
X1 starts drill by picking up puck behind net
Skates up Boardsbanks off boards to X2 who has came down to support.
X1 then goes to slot and sets up for shot
X2 pases to X1 who takes shot and drives for rebound.
X2 supports X1 in High slot then starts cycle over again by going behind net for puck (takes X1 position)
X3 becomes support (takes X2 position).

Team with Most Points wins Competition (Coach Counts)
3 points goal
2 point on net
0 Points miss net
-1 per missed pass

Category: Shooting
Tags: Develope Timing and Repetition on a Cycle Give and Go Game Situation
Posted By: Darindunlop (Used in 90 Plans) Created: 2013-12-16, Last Modified 2013-12-10


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