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Stations 4



Station 1 And Station 2:
3 on 2 keep away players are allowed to move as long as they don't have the puck on there stick. when you have the puck on your stick you have to find someone open promotes keeping your feet moving when you don't have the puck and getting open to receive a pass also promotes talking and heads up play.....

Station 3:
Is a power skating drill to length the players push off with and with out the puck..... The player will straddle the rink barrier and skate forwards pushing off as far as they can to improve there push and speed.... This drill can also be done Backwards.......

Station 4:
Edge Control with proper tech. with leading with the stick around the turns and then doing it with a puck after.... After you come around the cones and head to the tires you want the kids to do 4 pivots from forwards to backwards as fast as the can...... To mix it up if you have time you can have them pivot backwards and do the tires backwards skating......

Station 5:
This is a 1 on 1 drill done to promote again getting open the players can not leave the center circle and his teammates are able to help him by him passing the puck to them and then receiving a pass back.... Quick puck movement is what you are looking for....

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