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  This drill is currently in the trash and scheduled to be deleted soon

Puck Carry Relay



D and F are going at same time opposite ends. Completely different drills.

D: Carry puck fwd around cone, backward around bottom cone and pass to next D.
* Each D should go 2-3 times.
Losing team does pushups. Switch sides.

F: Carry puck inside around front cone, backward around back cone. Quick shot on net.
Go to corner to get new puck from coach. After hash marks pass to next F in line.
Each FWD go 2x. Losing team does pushups.

FWD NOTE: +1 second for each shot that misses the net.

Category: Puck Control
Tags: D: Good puck control and quick pivots., F: Same with quick shot release.
Posted By: Bigsk8s (Used in 104 Plans) Created: 2011-11-14, Last Modified 2013-08-22


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