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Synchronized Passing

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1. Players line up about 2 stick-lengths appart in corner
2. Players skate down the ice, passing back and forth (cushioning while receiving, sweeping while giving)
3. At the far end, players criss-cross (move the net forward if you need more room), and come back passing back and forth

Notes: Notes: Encourage players to incorporate the weight transfer into their stride while giving and receiving the passes. Giving a proper "sweep" pass, will put the player in the right position to execute a proper "cushion" when the return pass comes. As players' ability improves, have them skate faster, and increase the distance between them.

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Category: Passing
Tags: Cushion & sweep in motion, Incorporate weight transfer into stride, Work forehand and backhand
Posted By: weissie20 (Used in 3 Plans) Created: 2014-11-17, Last Modified 2014-11-17


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