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Continuous 2 on 1 Backcheck

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X1 and X2 head down ice 2 on 1 vs. D1
X3 backchecks the play
Once the rush is complete, X3 swings to either side - whichever side X3 swings is on offense for a rush back the other way. The other side backchecks. (in this diagram, X4 is on offense and X5 backchecks).

Drill is continuous (X5 will swing after the backcheck)

Notes: Setup: Pucks in all 4 corners. Forwards in all 4 corners. Defense in one line at the red line (or on the bench)

Category: Backchecking
Tags: Backchecking, Conditioning, 2 on 1 Rushes, Defensive Communication, Defensive Responsibilities
Posted By: HockeyShare Drills (Used in 302 Plans) Created: 2011-12-07, Last Modified 2021-01-01


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