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Down-and-Back Passing



Basic Forward Passing: Players start side-by-side and complete passes while skating up ice.

Basic Backward Passing: Players start side-by-side and complete passes while skating backward up ice.

One Forward, One Backward: One player begins skating backward, one player begins skating forward. Players pass the puck back and forth skating up ice.

Start & Stop: One player begins skating. The second player passes the puck to the first. When the first player receives the pass, he/she stops in place and the second player begins skating. One then passes to two - when two gets the puck, he/she stops.

Drop Passes: Player one begins with the puck - the two players criss-cross with player one leaving a drop pass to player two. The drill continues with another criss-cross and drop pass from 2 to 1.

Escape Turns: The first player leaves with the puck and takes a few strides up ice, then executes an escape turn. As player one begins his/her escape turn, the 2nd player leaves. One passes to 2. When two receives the puck, he/she takes 2 hard strides and performs an escape turn and passes to the first player (who sould be continuing up ice).

Notes: Drills can be run full or half-ice

Category: Passing
Tags: -Passing, -Repetition, -Timing
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