Pressure v. Contain 1 on 1

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Ice Hockey Drill Diagram


1. Form groups of two around the rink.
2. In each group, there is one forward (carrier) and one defense (forechecker).
3. The forechecker tries to prevent the carrier to move toward the center: A) the forward does not have control of the puck (pressure situation), then, B) the carrier has full control of the puck (contain situation).
4. Reverse the roles for each sequence.

Notes: Pressure or Contain; move quickly toward the opponent if he is not in control of the puck (pressure); - move more slowly toward the opponent if he is in perfect control of the puck (contain); - knees bent.

Category: Competitive
Tags: Pressure v. Contain
Posted By: weissie20 (Used in 1 Plan) Created: 2015-03-16, Last Modified 2015-03-16


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