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  This drill is currently in the trash and scheduled to be deleted soon

D to D Passing Set



X1 - C passes to D then they stagger back and pass across to other D who should be staggered back of passer then both D move up ice passing back to coach. Run each way then swith to X2

X2 = C passes to D and they pass across. after firt pass they each curltowards the direction pass came from whith the passing D going up ice for thereturn pass. Do each way the run X3

X3 = C passes to D who then passes across dropping back for other D to curl towards pass then drop passes to passind D that curls in behind d carrying the puck ten pass up to coach.

Switch D partners run again

Category: Passing
Tags: -Passing, -Communication
Posted By: HockeyShare Drills (Used in 45 Plans) Created: 2010-01-02, Last Modified 2019-08-18


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