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Quick Passing Drill



2 lines facing each other along the boards, 1 line at each blue line with pucks. Drill starts with X1 skating towards X2 and making a pass. X1 continues to skate towards X2, and transitions around the blue line and heads back towards the line they started from (want X1 to always face X2 while they are transitioning around the blue line). As X1 starts to head back up ice, X2 passes them the puck back. X1 receives the pass and then passes to X3 and X3 gives them a lead pass into the attacking zone. X1 then shoots on the net and gets back in line. X2 then starts the pattern from their end.

This drill can be run at both sides of the rink, just need to alternate what line starts the drill for the goalies.

Category: Passing
Tags: Passing while moving, quick passing, always facing the passer
Posted By: rparker200 (Used in 9 Plans) Created: 2015-08-12, Last Modified 2015-08-12


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