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  This drill is currently in the trash and scheduled to be deleted soon

Quick Feet 1-Time



1) 1 starts by passing the puck to 2
2) 1 peels off and goes around the top of the circle, 2 peels off with the puck and goes around the top of the circle
3) 1 gets in position for a back-door 1-timer pass from 2
4) both players continue around the top of the opposite circle they started on
5) 2 picks up a new puck and makes another back-door 1-time pass to 1

Notes: You can have players skate backward around the tops of the circles to includes some transition work as well.

Category: Shooting
Tags: -Quick feet, -Close proximity passing while moving, -1-timers, -Finishing
Posted By: HockeyShare Drills (Used in 78 Plans) Created: 2007-01-08, Last Modified 2019-05-22


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