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4 Zone Shot Drill



First place pylons as shown to form an imaginary line 5 -15 feet outside the crease.
Position shooters with pucks in each corner.
The first shooter skates from their corner toward the imaginary line without crossing it, skates along the line and shoots at will between any of the cones.
The goalie MUST stay square to the puck and follow the shooter in a shuffle (while keeping his eye on the puck!) as well as properly cover his angles (stay as close as possible to the top of the crease while shuffling).
If a rebound is given, the shooter can come in to take it. The goalie has to immediately get ready in set position for the next shooter from the opposite corner.
The 2nd shooter from the opposite corner follows in a similar fashion from the other side immediately after the puck from shooter 1 is saved or is in the net.
Drill should continue from corner to corner until each shooter has had four shots from four different points.

Category: Goalie
Tags: Shuffle, Quick Feet, Concentration,
Posted By: Cowboywesty (Used in 157 Plans) Created: 2012-08-13, Last Modified 2013-06-03


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