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Skate, Pass and Shoot Stations



Serpentine Drill "aka Snake" - Two cones setup in one offensive zone close to a face-off circle. 1st cone is setup lower near the board-side has marks. 2nd cone is setup closer to the top of the face-off circle closer to the inside/middle of the rink. 1st player in line skates with a puck down and as they turn around cone 1, they will make a pass up to the 2nd player in line. The 2nd player will hold the puck until the 1st player turns around the second cone and give them a strong lead pass toward the net. The 1st player will then shoot on the net and get back in line.

Pass and Follow Chip Drill - Players will be in two lines with pucks. One along the boards just above the blue line facing into the attacking zone. The other line in the corner facing up ice. The first player in the line in the corner starts the drill by passing a puck up to the line first player in line at the blue line. After passing the player will immediately follow their pass and get in the line at the blue line.
Upon receiving the pass, the player up at the blue line will use the boards to bank their pass down to the second player in line in the corner to get the puck around the player that should be skating out to them. After making the bank pass the player will skate towards the inside hash marks.
When the player in the corner receives the bank pass their job is to receive the bank pass and pass the puck out to the player skating towards the net. The pattern ends with the player skating towards the net taking a shot and getting in line in the corner.

KEPs - Anson and Tim - Serpentine drill (anson pucks up by the boards at the blue line, Tim setup cones). after 10 reps on one side of the rink, switch them to the other side.

KEPs - Rob and Ryan - (Ryan pucks in the corner and up at the blue line near the boards, Rob boys in 2 lines prepared for demonstration/walkthrough. Switch the side the drill runs on after 10 reps.

KTPs - Snake - puck and stick should lead around turns, make strong passes, tape to tape, lead the player with your pass, strong wrist shot from the hashes (no dangling).

KTPs - strong passes, tape to tape, pay attention, attempt catch and release shot.

Category: Shooting
Tags: Quick passes and shots, shoot before the hash marks, shoot on the back hand or the forehand.
Posted By: rparker200 (Used in 2 Plans) Created: 2015-11-17, Last Modified 2019-04-07


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