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  This drill is currently in the trash and scheduled to be deleted soon

Soupy's Scramble Goalie Warmup



-Players and pucks split up into four corners
-Goalies in nets
-Drill works out of opposite end corners simultaneously
-On whistle 3 players inside opposite circles stick handling and moving randomly keeping heads up and moving quickly
-On second whistle players loop out and take turns shooting on goalie. Each player must time their loop to use width of ice to give goalie a chance to move laterally between shots
- After players shoot they continue to loop towards corner and receive pass from players
-Players now continue up ice carrying puck through oncoming traffic from opposite end and spread across the ice to shoot at goalie at opposite end
-Drill repeats alternating corners each time

Category: Goalie
Tags: -keep feet moving, -head up, -communication, -timing
Posted By: kschultz (Used in 27 Plans) Created: 2015-11-22, Last Modified 2016-11-20


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