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5-Card Skating


Drill Preview


1. Players start in 5-card formation
2. On whistle, each position skates full speed out to his or her designated attack area, pivots, then skates backward into 5-card position
3. Sequence follows, position by position. Center covers for the corner positions until they get back, and takes the seam (attack areas 2 and 5)
4. Wingers alternate between attack positions each "lap"
5. Do 4 "laps" then switch out 5-man unit for a new one

Category: Systems
Tags: Full speed out, full speed back, No loops!, Click here for more info on 5-card formation: http://bit.ly/coaches-course
Posted By: weissie20 (Used in 48 Plans) Created: 2012-07-16, Last Modified 2013-06-03


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