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Forcheck chase



Coaches at the red line along the boards with pucks, pucks also in opposite corners at opposite ends of the rink.

D1 line faces F1 and F2 lines.

Drill starts with the coach rimming the puck around behind the net. As coach does this D1 starts skating backwards but quickly transitions forwards to retreive the puck, goalie comes out to play the puck to assist the D. F1 line is the pressure line, they skate hard to pressure the D1 as they pick up the puck, F2 skates in low to receive a break out pass from D1. Once D1 makes the breakout pass, D1 skates up to the far blue line. F1 continues pressure to the far blue line (now pressuing F2). F1 will get in F2 line once F2 passes the blue line. F2 will shoot, then curl back, pick up a puck and pass out to D1 at the blue line who will take the 2nd shot.

Drill runs from both ends and is continuous.

Category: Stickhandling
Tags: Breakout, goalies playing pucks.
Posted By: rparker200 (Used in 12 Plans) Created: 2015-12-07, Last Modified 2023-10-14


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