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1,2,3 Shot Drill



-runs from both sides at the same time.
-coach blows whistle and first three in the line go around circle and shoot on net
-after player shoots they turn up ice and pick up a puck that the coach will put out for the three players skating by
-each player will go in and take a shot.

Notes: -We teach our players how to shoot, but we don't stress how important scoring is. Every time a player shoots the puck, they are shooting to score. The premiss of a hockey game is to "score" more goals than the other team. Stress to them that they want to score every time they shoot on net. Remind players to keep head up while shooting.

Category: Shooting
Tags: Shoot To Score!
Posted By: CVMHANOVICE (Used in 139 Plans) Created: 2013-09-12, Last Modified 2013-06-03


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