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  This drill is currently in the trash and scheduled to be deleted soon

Olympic 1 on 1



Crossover Variation
1) D1 passes to F1
2) D1 skates to boards at blueline and stops.
3) F1 takes puck around back of net and under bottom of circle before heading up wall.
4) D1 does crossovers facing F1s end across blueline to pylon in middle of ice before he can skate to take up gap.
5) F1 and D1 play 1 on 1 to whistle.

Category: Net Drive/Shooting
Tags: F - Protect puck, F - Outside drive or creative?, D - Gap Control, D - Angling to separate puck
Posted By: BVandyk (Used in 98 Plans) Created: 2011-08-22, Last Modified 2013-12-20


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