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1 on 1 Turns Into 2 on 2 (Continuous)



Start out of one end. On the whistle, D passes to the F, F skates with the puck around the pylon and the D mirrors the F to keep tight gap, pivots around pylon and plays a 1 vs 1 until the whistle. On the whistle in the other end the D passes to the F and they move to pylons. Meanwhile the D from the other end joins the F on offence to try and make it a 2-1, but the F is back checking from the last 1 vs 1 to make it a 2 vs 2.

Drill is continuous. The next whistle starts the other end, and the D and F that went from the other end join the play.

Notes: Explain about offsides and D joining the rush. Forwards need to back check to help out D. All the way back.

Category: 1 on 1
Tags: D tight gap, Keep F in Front, Fowards Drive to the Net, Shoot to score through screen
Posted By: cnadeau (Used in 124 Plans) Created: 2012-12-05, Last Modified 2013-06-03


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