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NZ 1 man regroup



1 on 0 drill D stays in middle for entire drill. Change between sets.
All Variations start the same.
1) F1 and F2 leave opposite corners with puck..
2) All D skate forward to redline and pivot skating backwards away from red.
3) F1 passes to D1 while D1 is backing up.
4) D1 Passes to D2
Wide Swing
5A) D2 passes to F1 as he comes across to to D2s side and up wall.
Center Drive
5B) D2 passes to F1 as he curls towards middle of ice.
5C) D2 passes cross ice to locking F1.
All end with forward driving zone and taking shot.

Notes: After shot F stays net front for next shooter.
Variation on anchor is F1 pass to D2 and D2 to D1.
On Centre have players go just past the dot before turning up ice.

Category: Warmup
Tags: Accurate passes, Tempo
Posted By: BVandyk (Used in 50 Plans) Created: 2011-08-25, Last Modified 2013-09-02


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