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2 on 1



Half of the team in opposite corners with pucks;
One side starts our with the first three (3) players skating towards the other end;
The firts player cuts across the slot and receives a pass from the first player in the other line;
The second player cuts across the ice just inside the blue line and pivots to backwards skating and plays defense;
The third player makes a shallow cut across the slot and turns back up ice to recieve a pass from the first player;
These players form the first 2v1;

The first three players in the line that passed the puck follow immediately after the 2v1 group that just skated past.

Notes: Duration = 10 minutes

5 minutes from one side and then switch sides

Category: Competitive
Tags: Passing to a moving target,, Skating with the puck,, Changing direction from forwards to backwards,, 2v1 tactics
Posted By: Clubber Laing (Used in 63 Plans) Created: 2011-09-04, Last Modified 2013-06-03


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