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  This drill is currently in the trash and scheduled to be deleted soon

Two 1 vs 0's--Point shot--3 vs 0



Black: Two 1 vs 0's
--X1 goes near net, shoots, stops in front
--X2 goes far end, shoots, swings back
Blue: Point shot
--X3 slides across blueline, receives pass from X4, shoots
Green: 3 vs 0
--all players break back toward Neutral Zone
--Coach passes to one of them (diagram shows pass to X2)
--Players support, attack original end

Notes: Progressions:
1. Attack either end during 3 vs 0
2. Player who receives pass from Coach, transitions, regroups the other two, joins the attack
3. Add pass to anchored X4 or X7 for more support options.
4. 3 vs 1...X4 or X7 jumps out to defend rush.
5. Add regroup(s) to 4.
6. 1 vs 2..Coach passes to X2; X1 and X3 defend
2 vs 1..Coach passes to X1 or X3 who attack X2

Category: Warmup
Tags: Crisp passes, Present a target, Fill lanes, Headman, Pass to fastest player
Posted By: Paulie (Used in 27 Plans) Created: 2011-09-05, Last Modified 2013-06-03


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