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Post Awareness Drill

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1. Goalie starts on the post
2. Player 1 leaves without puck, pivots from forward to backward at about the hashmarks, and receives a pass from Player 2
3. After receiving the pass, Player 1 pivots and skates forward around the far cone, then drives to the high slot for a shot on goal
4. Goalie follows the puck, squaring up to the shot
5. After the shot, Player 1 positions himself for a rebound. Goalie gets back to the post with urgency
6. Player 2 drives around the middle cone (with puck), and takes shot. Player 1 jumps on the rebound if it's within the green area
7. After Player 2's shot and rebound, Player 1 gets back in line. Player two positions himself for Player 3's rebound. Goalie gets back to the post.
8. Player 3 drives around the low cone and shoots. Player 2 rebounds, then gets back in line. Player 3 positions himself for a rebound, and the drill repeats.

Category: Goalie
Tags: Post Awareness, Rebound Control and Recovery, Post Recovery, Post-knee-up position (Post Load)
Posted By: weissie20 (Used in 12 Plans) Created: 2012-12-30, Last Modified 2013-06-03


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