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Give n Go Breakout into 1 on 1

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D1 picks up a puck and wheels behind the net. F1 sees the D man wheeling and makes a break for the hash marks in support.

F1 comes off the boards and passes back to D1 and cuts low across the ice. D1 cuts back behind the net and passes to F1 again.

F1 skates out of the zone and regroups to come back in 1 on 1 with D1.

Notes: Add F2 from opposite side to cross with F1 and they both regroup in NZ and come back in 2 on 1.

Category: Drill Shootout
Tags: - Timing, - Good passes, - 1 on 1
Posted By: Kevin (Used in 0 Plans) Created: 2013-03-19, Last Modified 2021-01-21


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