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  This drill is currently in the trash and scheduled to be deleted soon

Three Puck



1) On whistle skate in a figure 8 pattern through the pucks pivoting forwards to backwards stickhandling the puck. On whistle skate across ice back and forth and get back to your station.
2) On next whistle do lateral crossovers back and forth between pucks and at each stop stickhandle puck around stationary puck. On next whistle skate back and forth across ice and back to station.
3) Use fourth puck now and put pucks in a tighter triangle shape and start stickhandling around pucks be creative, next whistle back and fourth across ice and back to station.

Start again with number 1 station, find a good clear piece of ice for drill.

Category: Warm-up
Posted By: Beavy (Used in 3 Plans) Created: 2013-06-27, Last Modified 2013-07-15


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