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2on1 with rushed/blocked Point Shot

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Drill can be run out of both sides. 2D and 2F per side per drill rep.

Description taken from one side:
1) F1/F2 to hash-marks
2) D1 takes puck behind the net and passes to F2.
3) F2 passes back to D1
4) D1 heads back behind the net to other side.
5) F2 starts their way across the ice toward F1
6) D1 passes to F1. F2 continues across.
7) F1 and F2 criss-cross with a pass from F1 o F2, on their way up the ice. D1 follows. D3 adjusts for 2on1.
8) F1/F2 execute the 2on1 vs D3. In the meantime, D1 sets themselves up on the offensive blueline in line with the net.
9) Once the 2on1 is complete, the Coach blows the whistle again to begin the next phase.
10) Next D in line in the corner passes a puck to D1. One of the two forwards much rush D1 to block a shot. Remaining forward screens the goalie and is covered by D3.
11) D1 must move laterally to avoid having shot blocked. D1 must do what it takes to get the puck to the net.

At then of this drill D1 becomes D that will take on 2on1 i.e. where D4 started the drill. D3 goes back to line in the corner. D6 starts next Rep replacing where D2 started previous Rep.

Notes: This drill has a 2on1 component but is really used to instill a sense by the D on the offensive point, that they must find imaginative ways of getting pucks to the net. Standing still and taking a shot is often not possible.

Note, that opposing players, those that intend to block a D's shot generally approach in a straight line. Lateral movement by a D forces the blocker to adjust course. That adjusted path is curved. A curved path is no longer able to block a shot to the net.

Categories: 2-on-1, Blocking Shots
Tags: 2on1, Blocking Shots, Defense Making move to get puck to the net.
Posted By: coachstan (Used in 17 Plans) Created: 2020-09-13, Last Modified 2020-09-13


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