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Top Triangle 2v2

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2 QB on each side of ice operate in the top triangle above the top of the circles.

2v2 down low - team that retrieves the puck passes to a QB. Passing player must then enter the triangle, one defending player must also enter the top triangle. QBs and offensive player must pass the puck around 3v1 in the top triangle until they can outlet the puck to the other offensive player. Once the puck has been outlet, the top offensive player and top defensive player can release to return to 2v2 in the rest of the zone.

Players must pass to QB after a possession change.

Category: Small Area Games >> 2 on 2
Tags: 2v2, Power Play, Top Triangle, Small Game
Posted By: HockeyShare Drills (Used in 15 Plans) Created: 2021-01-25, Last Modified 2021-08-05


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